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Okay, don’t get too excited – it’s not me that’s going to be on the BBC but one of my photographs! I do get my name in the credits though, so that’s pretty exciting (and they paid me too).

It’s a documentary about the making of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica album. I have told this story before, but I interviewed the artist Paul Cannell, who designed the album cover, at Creation Records in London as part of my A Level Art project. I posted the interview up on diskant years later and often get requests to use quotes, and now one of my photos will be on the TV.

Paul Cannell committed suicide in 2005 and it seems I was only person to ever interview him about his work. That makes me pretty sad all round – he had such an interesting painting style, and was a huge inspiration to me. He took me totally seriously as a 16 year old and gave me lots of great advice and encouragement. I’m glad more people will now connect him to the iconic artwork he did for Screamadelica.

The program is on BBC4 tomorrow and will be available on iPlayer after – more details here.

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