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The Bunny Sushi Guide

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share one of my favourite purchases from Japan, The Bunny Sushi Guide!. I bought it from the artist at Design Festa – I was drawn to her stall by bunnies and she proffered the book at me and after a quick look I knew I had to get it.

It’s all in Japanese so I may be missing some of the subtext but it appears to be about some bunnies who like dressing up as sushi. They often seem to be sneaking up on sushi, eating the rice and then dressing up in the fixings and look quite proud of themselves once they’re done.

Anyway, there are tons of drawings and comic strips featuring various bunnies dressing up as sushi. Some of them are extremely elaborate and the bunnies snuggled up in the conical makizushi are hilarious. I also really like the fashion line-up with bunnies showing off the latest trends in seaweed wear – as a scarf, cape or tie!

My absolute favourite pages though is the double spread of ideas for bunny sushi products, which includes a bento box, a mobile phone and an amazing pen-roll makizushi that unrolls to reveal a set of pens that are made to look like vegetables! I would buy pretty much everything here. From what I can make out on her blog, it seems she has now licensed the characters so hopefully we will see some kind of products one day soon.

I wish there was a way everyone could buy this little book. If anyone reading knows Japanese well enough to help me get in touch with her and see if I can buy some copies to sell in my zine distro, then please email me as that would be amazing.

Flyer and inner page spread images by hapy corone.

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