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Tokyo Shopping Guide: Libro


Situated in the basement of the Parco department store in Shibuya is Libro, home to a huge selection of books and magazines. If you’re already coveting many beautiful Japanese craft ‘mooks’ (magazine books), you’ll be in heaven, and if you aren’t you soon will be as they’re all so beautiful. Whether you like sewing, crochet, papercrafts, toymaking, gift wrapping or just making your house pretty, you’ll be overwhelmed by the inspiration. It’s not just for crafts though – there are books of all kinds from huge photography tomes to guide books and (Japanese language) novels.

If you don’t read Japanese, as well as the mooks (which are image heavy and full of clear diagrams), you’ll also find racks of awesome Japanese magazines – I’m a sucker for the teen fashion mags like Zipper, which are full of amazing outfits and inspiration. You can also pick up some nice postcards and stationery.

Doll Garden

Don’t miss the little galleries and shops on the same floor – there were tiny shops of beautiful ceramics and clothing, while the gallery was showing some amazing dolls and dioramas. There’s also a little cafe if you need a break.

As with all Japanese bookshops, you can browse for hours without anyone telling you it isn’t a library so this is a great stop on a rainy day – it may take some time for you to pick out your perfect selection anyway. There’s lots more to find in Parco too, including the Wrapple craft store, Junie Moon Blythe doll gallery, Only Free Paper (pick up free zines and flyers) and, of course, The Guest Café & Diner, which hosts the cutest character pop-up cafes.

Custom Blythe dolls at Junie Moon

How to get there

Libro is situated in the basement of Parco 1 in Shibuya. It should be marked in any guidebook and there’s a great map here. The nearest station is Shibuya which is served by JR, private railways and subway. Leave by the Main or Hachiko exit.

Last updated: 20 August 2016

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