Back from Bute


I return from Rothesay and a very grey weekend. We couldn’t see anything but fog from the ferry but we’re pretty convinced that we went through a wormhole and ended up in February. Of what year, I couldn’t say. Possibly 1958. It rained pretty constantly for the first 24 hours so I don’t have many photos. It cleared up a good bit on our second day, though we never saw the sun.

Anyway, we still had a marvellous time. There was a lot of sea and distant islands to look at, a castle and a whole townful of terrible shops selling tat. I also got to finally eat a Rothesay delicacy – the Top Hat ice cream – which is a vanilla cone with a coconut snowball plonked on top. It was great.

Top Hat ice cream

We took the bus tour around the island which involved a lot of tiny villages, some nice beaches, hundreds of cows, 3 llamas, 2 donkeys and a peek at some of the actual tourist spots that we would have loved to visit if it wasn’t pouring with rain. I would like to go back and see Mount Stuart and the Victorian Fernery. We also saw the Waverley Paddle Steamer, which looks like a fun day out.

In the evenings, we sat around a roaring log fire at the B&B with their friendly cat and got an enormous amount of work done – I might start requesting all my web design clients take me on holiday for a couple of days so we can thrash out their design requirements. Both myself and Claire have come home with a stack of new ideas.


I’m pretty sure I’ll be back in Bute again sometime soon – it’s perfectly possible to do a day trip from Glasgow, especially as all the shops close at 4pm, and it’s easy to get around, if you can deal with the hilarity of there seemingly only being 2 bus drivers on the island. I would also recommend our B&B, Munro’s – it was really comfortable with friendly owners who make an excellent breakfast, not to mention the log fire and cat situation. We got a deal through 5pm, which made it all the more affordable.

Wemyss Bay

More photos on my Flickr if you’re interested. And now I better get back to work and answer all these emails.

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