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Cake, Cats and Giant Squid

hello coconut cake

The last few days have been more exciting than usual. On Friday, I heard I was a runner-up in Moo’s City Sticker contest. You had to take a photo of a Moo sticker on something suitably local so I put mine on a coconut sponge cake. I live in a cake wasteland but these are available from two local shops so it’s not a complete disaster. Anyway, I never expected it to win so I’m very excited to spend my very generous prize vouchers on more Moo stuff.

Dinosaur, Shark, Giant Squid

Yesterday, I took the train over to Edinburgh for the afternoon to catch up with old zinester pal JGRAM. I showed him the sights and introduced him to the awesome sausage and mash at not-Monster Mash. I also popped into the National Museum of Scotland, as they’ve re-opened another section with all the animals, and some space stuff. It all looks really great and I need to go back soon for a proper look.

pusheen bookmarks

And today, the next pushpin artist bookmarks arrived! These are by Claire of Everyday Cute and feature the always hilarious Pusheen the cat. Pusheen, Pushpin, it had to be done. I’m really enjoying getting to collaborate with some of my favourite illustrators for this series and having a hard time deciding who to pick for the next one.

I don’t think the rest of this week is going to be quite as much fun. Lots of work to do.

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