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Happy Birthday Angel Bunny

Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens

He’s been very polite about it, but it seems I missed the 5 year anniversary of Angel Bunny’s arrival in Glasgow. Five years! Angel Bunny has been a very loyal travelling companion, coming with me to Japan (twice), Thailand, Holland, Ireland and all over the UK. You can enjoy all his travellings over at Flickr but here’s a few of my favourites. Above is my favourite photo, in Shinjuku Gyoen with a little leaf hat like Totoro. If he ever decides to fly off and leave me, I’ll be getting this one framed.

Angel Bunny does karaoke

Doing karaoke in Newcastle. I have forgotten exactly what we were doing in a karaoke bar, maybe Claire can remember. This still makes me laugh though.

Angel Bunny and Het Pink, Zaandam

At Het Pink, our family windmill in Zaandam.

Angel Bunny at Trinity College

The first Angel Bunny on tour photo. I was quite literally on tour with Uter, and incredibly bored at Trinity College waiting for my very late bandmates. It’s entirely coincidental that it ended up being our last ever gig.

Angel Bunny at the Rabbit Resort

At the Rabbit Resort in Thailand. I wish I was in that pool right now.

Kitanomaru Park

In his natural habitat. If you go to Kitanomaru Park in Tokyo, you might be able to catch one.

Big thanks to Claire for hunting him up for me all those years ago! The day he arrived (at our old work when we had desks next to each other), I really did almost cry. Waah.

PS. If you actually do want one of your own, they’re available in many colours and sizes –

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