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As previously mentioned, Rothesay is not exactly a top shopping destination. While it initially appeared to have a variety of different stores, it turned out that they all basically sold tat of the pound shop variety. Victorian jewellery (and tat), Newsagent (and tat), Clothes shop (and tat). It’s quite possible that every month a man in a giant boat full of tat turns up and takes orders. I think the only shop not selling tat was the one selling an enormous range of lightbulbs and nothing else.

We did spot some rather fantastic illustrated postcards, which I promptly sent to all my family. I kept one of the Waverley for myself. I love how they’re both simplistic and really detailed. The artist is Nicola Jones but she doesn’t seem to have a working website.

Isle of Bute colour-in calendar

You can imagine my delight when we discovered a haul of related goods inside the newsagents – there were fridge magnets, notepads, mugs and lots more all with over saturated views of Bute. I snapped up this colour-in calendar and I cannot wait until 2012 to start using it. I foresee a new section in my monthly updates.

I’m quite tempted to make one myself, using my own illustrations. Downloadable PDF series for next year?

Isle of Bute colour-in calendar

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