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Photo Day in the Life

My day was going to be fairly similar to the last one (Monday and Thursday are my shipping days) so I did it in photos. They are not particularly brilliant photos but hey, it’s just like when I forget to clean my glasses.

1. Asian Pear (and tea) for breakfast. I slightly regret letting Claire take me to Asda last week where I found these as they are awesome and now I can’t find any and will have to make a special trip to The Forge. They are like appley pears.

2. The postman banged on the door just as I had cut a long piece of sticky tape. It looks pretty exciting but I had already deduced that 2 contained printer ink and 1 was my A5 cellophane bags. At least the other had a zine.

3. Pile of 5 Year Diary pre-orders ready to parcel up.
4. Stack of orders waiting for their postage labels.

5. It was cold enough to wear my pompom hat, hurray.

6. I was trying to photograph my Cakeify shoes and the nice leaf pattern but it wasn’t working and there were too many people at the bus stop and it was raining. SORRY.

7. Despite all this, I still had to wait ages for a bus, in the rain. Bridgeton’s Christmas decorations are up. They are very dull. The old ones were awesomely rubbish.

8. Bus reading. The DIY Times. I recommend it.

9. All I did in town was post my orders, buy some food and 35 padded envelopes and then come home. Not even 3000 steps. Usually my Gastly has a big heart next to him but not today :(

10. Cutting, folding, packing gift wrap for variety packs. I made twenty, which was possibly excessive.

11. Green tea and pistachios from my fortnightly Graze box, while watching Pan Am. It was pretty good in a fluffy way. Is it true that Americans don’t know what a fortnight is? I suppose it isn’t very obvious. Bi-weekly is even worse though.

12. Reading in bed. This is a really good book about all the people who live in the Arctic Circle. Today’s chapter was about Lapland.

And there you have it. I did also eat lunch and supper but I was too hungry to get my phone.

Claire is collating the posts this time, as Laura only went and had her baby! Congratulations Laura!

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