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Well, 2011 is almost over so I best post something about Christmas before it’s too late. I don’t really do Christmas soI can’t promise it will be exciting. Above are most of my gifts including lots of Paperchase and Lego stuff from my sister!

My Christmas Eve tradition is digging out my Gamecube and Animal Crossing, pulling up a year’s worth of weeds, stomping on all the cockroaches in my neglected house and then hunting up Jingle the reindeer for some gifts. It’s really pretty with the snow and the tree lights and has so many more fun things than the DS version, like balloons and Halloween and getting a gold statue of yourself when you pay off your mortgage.

On the right, a Lego minifig ice cube! They are really ace, except having Lego men floating face down in your drink feels a bit wrong.

Christmas noms – fancy dinner at Malmaison with my workmates at 5pm. Tablet ice cream on Boxing Day. Would eat again.

Bunny lamp!

And finally, my bestest present – the bunny lamp I have been coveting from John Lewis. It was a bit out of  my budget but everyone else loves it too so I got it with my Christmas money. Plus, since I saw it, my main bedroom light fitting fell apart and had to be replaced and then the bulb blew on my beside lamp. You can’t argue against that. Hope you all had a good Christmas too.

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