The End of Book Hearts?

Book Hearts

It’s Friday the 13th so let’s have some bad news. Paperchase have stopped making the heart clips I use to make Book Heart bookmarks so it looks like the end is nigh! I’m down to my last 50 or so and I don’t expect those to last long as they’re always popular for Valentine’s Day. If you want to get your hands on a few book hearts, then don’t delay!

I’ve already removed the gocco printed book hearts from my stores and I only have a handful of Travel Book Hearts (made from vintage maps) before they run out. Then it will just be Washi Book Hearts left. I also only have a handful of Book Heart Kits – once they’re gone I won’t be making any more.

It’s possible they’ll start making the heart clips again or that I find an alternative but then again I’m not going to be looking too hard. I’m proud to have invented Book Hearts and have sold thousands of them, but maybe it’s time to let them go.

Book Hearts

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