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Some Sad News

Shortly after I took this photo of Angel Bunny in Boat of Garten it seems he decided he’d had enough and wanted to go off on his own adventures. It was only a short time before I realised he was gone so I went back to look for him but there was no sign so I guess he really did fly away. Even in the picture above, he’s clearly got his mind on other things. Maybe he just wanted a break.

I’ve been expecting this to happen one day so I hope he has fun in his new life! It’s still really sad though – he’s been my travel buddy for five years now and we’ve been all over the world. Oh well, maybe he’ll come back some day or I’ll get one of his family to come and keep me company but until then, at least I have all these photographs to remember him by. You can also read a bit more about Angel Bunny here. Goodbye my friend!

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