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Happy Birthday to me!

what I wore on my birthday

Yay, it’s my birthday today. Despite having a whole hour stolen by Daylight Savings, I have had a good day so far. It’s been super-sunny and warm so I got to use my new bright red prescription sunglasses. I also bought a hippo dress and some cupcakes and got lots of nice presents.

The whole week has been quite birthdayish though since I got my new glasses (first new pair in 5 years, first new sunglasses in about 15 years), and also went on my Loch Lomond cruise (more on that later). I thought I’d do a drawing since I actually have new clothes too.

Anyway, I still have more cake to eat but if you would like a gift too, just wish me a happy birthday when placing an order in any of my shops and I’ll send you a free card! Offer lasts until March is over.

Even more bunnies!

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