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To Edinburgh, for books

Lovely day to be in Edinburgh.

I am not enjoying May very much so far. The weather has been ridiculous, I have too much to do and then I also got a jury service citation. I’ve always wanted to do jury service, up until I got another letter saying we might have to do an EIGHT WEEK trial. Can you imagine? Even if I had a low paying job I hated, that would be a bit much. I had to go along today and luckily, they told us that particular case has been postponed. There was an audible sigh of relief through the jury area! I may still get to do a short case but I’ll be just as happy to get sent home again tomorrow.

One of my book sale purchases.

Anyway, with that possible doom ahead of me, I figured I should get out and have some fun. Emma notified me about a huge book sale in Edinburgh (what an enabler!), and it was the first sunny day in ages so I had a jaunt. The book sale was pretty amazing – so much stuff! It filled the whole church, the whole outside area and a garage around the back. I was fairly restrained and only bought 6 books, for a mere £8. There wasn’t much of interest in the travel section or it could have been worse. Amongst my finds were the next two Wheel of Time books, which I was just planning on restarting, for 50p each and a 1930s edition of The Kangchenjunga Adventure with awesome library sticker. I also bumped into Emma who found some amazing stuff.

I then hiked up the hill to Hannah Zakari to drop off some more product, say hello to my bread slice brooches and buy a cute booklet by Naoshi. And then I popped into the National Museum of Scotland to see the train posters exhibition. I was looking forward to this and was a little surprised to find it was only about 15 posters in a tiny room, along with a few other train-related exhibits. What was there was amazing including some of the original artwork, but I could have looked at ten times as many posters before I got bored. They did have some good stuff in the shop though so I picked up some great postcards.

Railway poster exhibition. Great but not nearly big enough.

And then I went home and started reading my books.


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