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New Packaging

New packaging

One of my biggest problems is packaging. I am never happy with it. Packaging has a few issues to solve – it needs to protect the item, it needs to look pretty and it needs to be easy to use for everyone (the packager, the buyer and the seller).  It’s difficult to get all three right.

I think I have finally sorted out my badge and brooch packaging, which has been through about 10 different types of packaging. The last one involved plastic bags that my stockist no longer sells (and his rivals’ versions are terrible quality), small pieces of coloured card that I need to cut individually to size and printed paper tags that need folding and stapling. Clearly, this was a waste of time.

New packaging

My new packaging is a one design/size fits all printed card which fits into a cello bag. It fits a badge set, wooden brooch or an acrylic charm and takes approximately a tenth of the time to package. It’s also much more colourful and fun, and suits my brand better. Hurrah.

What do you think?

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