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New Laptop Case

Bunny Squares laptop case

Remember that other bit of exciting post I mentioned? Check out my amazing new laptop case! Zazzle kept emailing me more and more discounts to make me spend my commission money so I gave in. Also, I’ve been thinking it’s possible my old laptop became so grumpy because it never had a case – my first two laptops shared this so I suppose it did seem a bit mean.

Bunny Squares laptop case

The Zazzle cases are made by Rickshaw and it seems really well made with the softest furry lining. I chose my bunny squares design and picked out matching piping and lining colours. It fits my laptop exactly and has a velcro flap. It’s well padded too though I’m not sure how much protection it would offer if I dropped it. I’m sure my laptop is much happier now anyway.

You can get your own from my Zazzle store.

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