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DaWanda Lovebook

DaWanda Lovebook

Carrying on from my week of press, I was also featured in this year’s DaWanda Lovebook, a lookbook they send out to the press. The write-up is exceedingly nice and I love the quote they used for me (pulled from a seller interview from ages ago). I have to say that is probably my motto for life, and also ties into the name Asking For Trouble.

You can see it all through my work – the way I sulked through a professional tapestry pattern and then wrote my own, or how I bend my Shopify store into doing all kinds of things it wasn’t really intended for. I make a living as a web designer and coder despite having no qualifications in web design or programming – indeed, it’s my unexpected angle on things that often makes people hire me. It is quite high risk though – I am basically incapable of following a recipe without going off on my own bat, so that can go either way.

Anyway, if you fancy a look at the Lovebook, you can download a copy here. Apparently, they posted out copies but I haven’t received one yet.

My copy of @wishwishwish magazine arrived - looks beautiful!

In other press news, Wish magazine is finally out in the wild after what sounds like a horrible situation with their initial printers. Go support them and buy a copy! It looks even lovelier in reality – can’t wait to find the time to read it!

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