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Use it or lose it

Project Clearout has been continuing this year and the above phrase has been helping a lot. My aim is  that almost everything I own should be out on display or in use, with only a couple of boxes of random stuff under the bed. It’s totally win-win too – I’ve been getting a lot of enjoyment out of using things I had previously hidden away in the back of a cupboard and every time I open up a new space or clear off a surface, the whole room just looks nicer and tidier.

It helps as well that clearing out is pretty addictive. Every time I end up getting rid of more and more things. I think the hardest hurdle is convincing yourself it’s okay to just throw stuff out. In an ideal world, we’d re-use or recycle everything but that’s not always possible. But it’s pointless to carry worthless stuff around from house to house never looking at it.

Anyway, here’s a few of my favourite clearout moments from the last couple of months.

1. I weeded out most of my kawaii stickers/masking tape collection and have been using them to decorate parcels. That way I share the joy and I just keep the odd sticker here and there that I love.

2. I started using some of my favourite kitchen items ‘cos seriously, why buy a bunny bowl or some flower spoons if you’re going to hide them in a cupboard? This makes my mealtimes more fun. I will share some photos soon.

3. I picked out all my very favourite vintage buttons and moved them from a tin into a glass jar, so now I can see them all the time.

4. I took my towering pile of paper and magazines and put them in file boxes, which not only looks tidier but takes up way less space! See photo for proof – I wish I’d taken a before photo.

5. I bought some travel DVD cases and used them for DVD box sets. 5 seasons of Alias and 6 seasons of LOST now each fit in a 3″ case instead of half a shelf. I can’t resell them now but DVDs are pretty worthless these days anyway (and I rewatch Alias like every year).

These have all changed my life, in small ways. I’ve also put a load of craft stuff up on eBay at low low prices. So if you’re after some blank drawstring bags, a load of vintage buttons, some cute Japanese appliques and much more, go buy and I can clear out the space under my desk as well.

vintage buttons

My favourite vintage buttons – not selling these, ever.

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