I’m not a fan of scrapbooking as a hobby requiring an aisle of Hobbycraft’s worth of patterned paper, glitter glue and 3D stickers, but sticking things in books is a pretty good idea. I started my scrapbook years ago but never really have much time for getting on with it. However, I found some more bits and pieces from Japan while clearing out so I made some time this weekend. I basically just theme pages around a subject or trip and then stick in whatever fits. Above is boarding cards and Shinkansen tickets and a page of business cards from Design Festa.

Here’s a bunch of things from inside gashapon! I have another couple of pages of these too.

The actual book is a giant A4 sketchbook someone gave me that I never used. I stuck a nice shiny Gloomy Bear sticker on the front. I could do with a book to put postcards in too – I have loads and they often have nice things on the back too. What do you do with your memorable scraps?

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