I’ve Made It

This weekend I had two things happen that really made me feel like I’ve finally made it as a designer. The sort of things you can bring up with strangers that will impress pretty much anyone. The first as you can see above, is that I’m on! They’ve teamed up with Deny Designs and are selling a range of their designers’ products. I was very happy to hear they picked loads of mine. These are the finished products that they’re selling so there’s no turnaround time waiting for printing. If you’ve got an Amazon gift card burning a hole in your pocket then now you know what to do :)

The second one is a real mark of an independent designer – I’ve been ripped off by some Chinese factory – woo!  Some lame company are selling phone cases with at least one of my designs. I’m not going to give them any publicity and there’s not really much I can do about it – except of course, make my own versions more widespread. If you like my designs and want them on a phone case, please buy from Society6 or Zazzle and you’ll know you’re getting a genuine quality product and not some dodgy ripoff.  These are some of my real ones below, printed on Casemate cases. And there’s free shipping at Society6 today too!

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