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Monday in the Life

It was Day in the Life yesterday. Let’s do it positive and negative style for a change.

– Woken up early by noisy builders in the street outside. (Not those above – those are the quiet builders up the road)
+ Manage to have a shower without the postman turning up midway with a parcel.
+ Wore my newly sewed up tunic top to see how it’s working out.
– Still needs some adjustments.
– Forgot to buy bread and the milk had gone off.  Breakfast fail.
+ Couple of new orders overnight.
+ Enjoy the extra space in my room after chucking out a load of packaging and boxes.
– New organisation plan not quite working out. Where did I put those zines?
+ Order shipping is super fun with Ghostcards, ghost address labels and frog tape.

asking for trouble

– Lots of difficult emails to deal with.
+ Lovely sunny day.
+ Breakfast fail means I get to have lunch out, at Tesco Costa, and read new issue of Wanderlust.
– Storage boxes I want are now on the top shelf and no staff around.
– Checkout Man at Tesco acts like he’s never seen anyone pack groceries into a rucksack before (or perhaps entranced by my legit amazing packing skillz).
+ my new headphones are amazing. Pause button = life changing.
– Bus stop out of action because of builders. Grr, get on with it.
– 3rd of 4 lightbulbs blows in the ridiculous hall lighting fixture. Hate it.
+ Today’s Google Doodle is awesome. Is making Google Doodles an actual full time job?
– Forget what I was actually going to search for. Remember and fail to find images of the fabric I used for my tunic.
+ PayPal redesigned their business homepage and it’s no longer an extra click to login. Time saving!
+ Free cute Christmas themed minicards ordered from Moo.
– Even more difficult emails to deal with.
+ Convince a potential client to give Shopify a go.
+ My Spooky Wooky Badges are featured in DaWanda’s Halloween gift guide.
+ My sister tweets to say she’s sent me An Exciting Parcel.
– Hit a slump. Too tired to do anything.
– Spend literally an hour continually messing up the same Picross puzzle.
+ My embellished curry ramen is actually very tasty.
+ Get caught up on Homeland.
+ Mix some Revels and Mars Planets in a tub. Double the surprise!
+ Lots of great entries in Spoonflower’s Creepy Crawly contest. I pretty much now judge all fabric by whether it would make a good dress.
+ Get to hear the new leaked Girls Aloud single before it gets yanked off YouTube. It’s pretty great. (it’s back officially now)
+ Finally complete that Picross puzzle.
+ Read some more of Wheel of Time book 10. I am enjoying it a lot.

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