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Hey, it’s my first outfit drawing in ages. I wanted to post about a few things I’ve bought recently and here I am wearing most of them.

I need to recommend my headphones a bit more. They’re blue, and have a pause button and a flat wire that doesn’t tangle! They’re even called Shibuya. The Mix Style headphones I got in Japan were cool but they don’t block outside noise very well. I’ve been randomly trying on headphones whenever I see a display (first mistake – trying on an amazingly comfy pair in the Apple store and then realising they were £249). I saw these in PC World and got them for £29 off Amazon – bargain. My only problem is that I can’t wear them with a hood or hat so I have to use an umbrella more than I’d like.

The dress was also a pretty cool find, especially for Aberdeen. The heart print is very similar to my tiny ditsy hearts fabric, which I guess must mean I’m on trend? I might have to do some more colourways of that.

My ghost-it notes arrived!

Squee-tastic purchase of the month are these Ghost-it Notes! I saw them on Tumblr and had to search my way around the internet to find somewhere selling them at a good price. Which ended up with me discovering Fallindesign who sell a huge range of cute things from Korea. Check out my post on Super Cute Kawaii for more.

(and yes, I did bump into the postman on my way out of the house. I don’t normally take stationery to the park)

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