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Sewing Plans

As part of my clearout, I had another look through my fabric crate and found quite a few unfinished projects. While I am guilty of buying fat quarters of fabric with no aim, I do have larger pieces that I planned to make clothing out of. So I spent a few hours on Etsy and purchased the Japanese sewing book above. It’s called One-Piece Dresses and Tunics and it seemed to be both easy-ish and have a lot of patterns I would use.

I’m going to start with this one (in the shorter length on the right), which is fairly similar in shape to my pillowcase dress. And then hopefully move up to this one below, which has proper sleeves, and pockets! There are also some more advanced patterns plus loads of shirt dresses, which I doubt I will ever be competent enough to sew (which is sad as I love shirts and can never find one that ticks all my boxes).

Tunic /short dress + trousers is pretty much my go-to outfit so it will be awesome if I can get a few patterns that work for me and then make them endlessly in different fabrics. I will keep you posted on how I get on as this is my first experience with Japanese craft books and I’m already learning a lot despite not even having picked up a pencil or scissors yet.

I got my copy from Pomadour’s Craft Cafe, and would totally recommend them. She has lots and lots of books to choose from and takes requests too. Photos borrowed from the listing.

ISBN is 978-4-8347-3416-4 if you want to buy off Amazon Japan or whatever.

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