Adventures in Cross Stitch

An additional bonus of collaborating with Claire is that I got to try another grid-based craft (following perler beads and tapestry). I had a lot of fun stitching up my own Christmas Pudding ornament and finished the whole thing in 3 TV watching sessions. As a complete beginner, I can totally recommend it. I don’t think I’ll be continuing with cross stitch though – I found the thinner thread quite fiddly compared to tapestry wool and having to split the thread into strands is pretty annoying too. It did make me miss tapestry though – I need a new project!

If you fancy giving it a go, kits are available from Miso Funky and a PDF chart can be purchased from my own shop too, if you just want to stitch it on fabric for framing or a stuffed ornament.

And if that all sounds like too much work, I put up some new ornaments on Zazzle so you can just buy a readymade one. It’s not as cute as the cross stitch version but that’s what you get for being lazy :)

Check out my Zazzle store for lots of cute new ornaments including snowmen, gingerbread men and even a Christmas tree, to hang on your Christmas tree. I bought some of these last year and they’re pretty great quality, printed on ceramics. Some are double-sided and you can also customise them with a date or festive message.

UK folks – Zazzle UK has cheaper shipping for ornaments, US folks – there’s still a big sale on.

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