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New Spiral Bound Diaries

I get a lot of ridiculous requests in my inbox but every now and then someone asks for something that turns out not only to be possible, but surprisingly easy and a great idea. When I was designing my 5 Year Diaries I tried to keep costs as low as possible but there are lots of other options available including spiral binding. I know many people prefer this kind of binding as the book will lie flat for easier writing.

Well, if you’d prefer that option too then check out the new spiral bound diary. It’s a bit more expensive but you also get a different cover design and the diary is slightly bigger at A5. I resized all the page contents to fit this size so you have bigger boxes for every month too. They’re available to buy direct from, who will ship from various locations around the world so you can choose from a variety of local shipping options.

If you want a copy of the original, cheaper, paperback diary, remember that Christmas pre-orders finish very soon on the 23rd. After that I can no longer guarantee Christmas delivery. I do also have 2 copies ready to ship right now.

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