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Some news about zines

You know when you’re struggling to make a decision and then you finally make one and suddenly everything starts to work properly again? I’ve been pondering the future of Pushpin for a while now and finally decided to put the shop part on hold until I have a new plan of action. It’s not the end of Pushpin but removing that monthly bill for a while will also remove some of the mild anxiety that I should be Doing Things with it and instead let me come up with some new brilliant ideas. In the meantime, I’m downsizing to a blog for a while and will still be writing about zines and zine events over at the soon to be rebranded I Like Zines. The Zine Challenge will also move there shortly.

One of the reasons behind all this is that the majority of sales this year have been my own zines and the Japan zines. My own are of course already available in the Asking For Trouble shop and it makes perfect sense to bring over a few of the Japan zines too – I may expand that selection if I come across anything good. Instant PDF delivery is also now back in my shop.

As for the rest of the zines, there’s a bit of a sale on just now until the end of the month and then I’ll be selling surprise packs both here and on the temporary Pushpin store, which mainly exists for the Artist Bookmarks. I’m very proud of all the bookmarks and wanted them to have their own little space.

And that’s all the news for now. Why not pick up some zines?

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