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Ever since I redesigned my shop, I’ve been trying to find the time to make my blog match. I had to wait until my Christmas holidays but now it’s done, yay! It’s a lot simpler and cleaner, but still fun. I updated all my image banners too so make sure you check back at different times of the day (and night) to see what I’m up to. Although, if I was being accurate, the night-time ones would be up from about 3pm-9am.

I also redesigned my wholesale site to match, which brought up some horrifyingly out of date content. I really need to set a regular schedule for checking over all my online things.

asking for trouble wholesale

Anyway, hope you like. And as part of all this redesigning, the blog  is now at and the shop is at Old links should mostly still work, but update your bookmarks!

Also, ahem, I am now taking on new freelance work for 2013 if your own blog or shop needs a new look. You can check out some of my recent projects in my portfolio site (that also needs a redesign).

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