Japan Links #3

lotte hotel room

Another round-up of interesting Japan stuff I’ve been bookmarking.

First, check out this super kawaii hotel room Joanna at Maqaroon found! Based on those cute koala biscuits, you get to sleep on koala biscuit cushions and take home some free koala souvenirs! At £150 a night, it’s not even a crazy dream to stay there if you’re koala-mad.

Joining my wish list of places to visit next trip is Wrapple, a new craft and stationery shop in Parco Shibuya. Hello Sandwich has lots of photos from the opening event.

A Guide to Japan’s Awesome 100 Yen Shops at RocketNews not only shows off some of the more bizarre products on offer but looks into what’s a bargain and what can actually be found cheaper elsewhere.

Hiki at Jollygoo posted a short Tokyo guide to some recent shopping discoveries. Plus, excitingly, she’s also opened her own UGUiSU Little Shoppe near Roppongi. It looks adorable.

Moments Like Diamonds has some great Tokyo posts – recent posts on electronics giant Yodobashi-Akiba (with all the gashapon you can dream of!) and the fashion boutiques of Shinjuku Marui One were particularly interesting to me.

@TimeOutTokyo is well worth following on Twitter for cool links, events and articles like 50 Things to do in Harajuku.

Seen anything good I missed? I’ve got reviews of a cool new book and an iPhone app coming up soon too.

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