Japan Links #4

japanese whispers zine

First off, there’s a new Japan zine in my shop! Rather flatteringly, it was inspired by my own zines which is awesome as I wish everyone would write about every trip they take, especially to Japan. Anyway, Japanese Whispers is by Lisa from Hampshire and tells the tale of her trip around Japan last year. It’s a great read and full of tips and photos, plus some eating tips for vegetarians. Pick up a copy for just £1.50.

A couple more Japan trip bloggers:

– meijoyce is by a Japan-obsessed Hello Kitty fan from Malaysia so lots and lots of kawaii! Joyce’s recent trip packed in tons of stuff including the Sky Tree, Hakone, the Doraemon Museum, Puroland and loads of shopping. I got some fun ideas for my next trip and it’s definitely worth a look even just for the beautiful Mt Fuji photos she got.

Crazy For Paper is by Jenny from Hawaii, and has daily blog posts about her recent trip to Japan with her husband and daughter. They did lots of fun stuff including the Sapporo Snow Festival. I’m glad other people are joining my Qoo hunt too!

– Here’s some more photos from the Sapporo Snow Festival. I would love to go to this, but I’m not sure I would enjoy having the rest of my Japan trip in the freezing winter. That’s a tough choice.

– Maki has just started some free online courses including a bento starter course on Just Bento and an intro to Japanese cooking at Just Hungry. Lots of great tips here.

As you can see, I seriously love reading about your trips to Japan, especially if you used my guides. Please do email me about your blog or any interesting Japan links.

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