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A little photo update. The weather has been seesawing between freezing/gloomy and bright/sunny. Luckily, I have mostly managed to schedule my free days accordingly.

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Even though I’ve been walking around Glasgow Green pretty much every week for 6 years, I still find new things, like these boundary stamps at the Saltmarket end. And I got some snow! Except it melted almost immediately. I still haven’t been outside in any yet this winter.

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I’ve been successfully eating a lot healthier this year, so I allowed myself a trip to Wholefoods for treats. I love the salad bar, especially now it has scotch eggs.

I’m planning a new zine, and found these adorable little dumplings from Kiddyland while I was looking for something else. Way too cute to leave hidden away. I might find a way to attach them to my backpack.

instagram marcelinesmith

New possessions – Claire gave this adorable t-shirt from Threadless, and I ordered the new Ian Svenonius book as it looks amazing. I have a mini trip to York planned for my birthday next month so that is my train reading sorted. Any tips for York? I’ve never been before. I am definitely going to the National Railway Museum, but nothing else decided yet.

As always, you can follow me on Instagram as marcelinesmith for more pics as they happen.

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