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Type Drawer Project

type drawer - marceline smith

I was reading Memi The Rainbow’s blog the other day and she has the cutest displays in old type drawers. It finally inspired me to go dig out mine from the back of a cupboard. I bought it years ago (from eBay) but it was so dirty I had to clean it and that was boring work. It was still boring cleaning the last section (and fairly grim – once dampened, you can pretty much peel off a layer of dirt) but I was more than rewarded by the fun of finding tiny things to display in it!

Type Drawer

Probably not surprisingly, I own a lot of cute tiny things, from my own wooden brooches and little handmade gifts to Rement miniatures and Zelda figurines. I also have little pebbles, pinecones and acorns from places that mean a lot to me. It’s so nice having them all on display! I still have lots of empty space so I look forward to receiving tiny things from people in future (and buying more Rement).

Type Drawer

Even with the success of Project Clearout, I still had some trouble finding somewhere to put it. In the end I could only fit it vertically, but that actually worked out better as quite a few things wouldn’t have fit otherwise.

I’m still thinking about painting it, or at least staining it. What do you think? There are some lovely ideas on Pinterest.

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