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Friday Catch Up #3

Inside :)

What have I been up to this week?


My new mug from Paperchase. Me and Claire went to check out the brand new Glasgow Paperchase store on opening day (read Claire’s field report on Super Cute Kawaii!, including a photo of me as the easter bunny…) and loved the Take Away range. We didn’t actually buy anything then, but I picked up the French Fries sticky tabs in York and then went back again this week for the mug. It’s huge for a mug but just the right size for a wee bowl of soup.


I’m still on A History of the World, but I’ve just passed the First World War so the end is nigh. I also got some good zines I’ll be reviewing on the Pushpin Zines blog sometime soon.


Game of Thrones, obvs. So glad to have it back. As a long time book reader, I’m excited that they’ve got to my favourite book. Actually, most of my favourite bits will be pushed back to S4 but still lots of cool stuff coming up. I’ve also just been checking out The Great British Sewing Bee, which is surprisingly decent. Hopefully now the risk of frostbite has receded, I will be inspired to get back to my own dressmaking.



Smiling Cloud Brooch |  Bunny Stickers
Marimekko fabric | Mini Pusheen

Shop reminders

– The SALE is still running, but all coasters will be disappearing FOREVER after this weekend.
– If you missed it, my April desktop calendar is free to download here.

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