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Making Recipe Books


I can’t believe I actually finished this project! I save recipes from the internet all the time but I hardly ever remember to look through and actually make anything. I started designing a simple booklet to print out at least a year ago but never got around to finishing it. I picked it up again recently during a big Evernote tidy up and finally printed everything off.

I decided in the end to paste everything into one of my Bunny Squares notebooks – it keeps things neat and the spiral binding means I can flick through easily and lay it flat in the kitchen. It’s also easy to add new recipes and I can equally easily tear out pages if a recipe turns out to be terrible!

I had so many recipes that I split them into two notepads – Cooking and Baking. I’m pretty excited to actually try some out. I like to think I will keep notes and report back but I’m not sure how likely that is in reality!


If anyone’s interested, I basically copied the text of recipes from the websites into an InDesign template the same size as the notebook pages. I did a bit of editing here and there to fit each recipe on to either 1 or 2 pages and included a photo whenever possible. I also typed up my own recipes and some family favourites to include since my handwriting is so terrible these days.

Digitally, I clip recipes I like to Evernote so I can easily find the online recipe again, if I need more information or want to share something that turns out amazing. If you want to know my favourite websites for recipes you should buy my new zine as there’s a whole article about that!


It also kickstarted another project, as I realised I was pretty clueless about when fruits and vegetables are in season, so I’m making my own charts, with kawaii characters of course! I’ll be sure to share when I’m finished. Incidentally, it’s pretty great that my life involves stuff like seriously debating whether an aubergine should have feet and how you make rhubarb cute. I haven’t figured out the latter yet.

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