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Doodle Day in the Life

It was Day in the Life on Friday and I finally managed to try doing a doodle version. To make it interesting I drew them on post-it notes (or vintage button sticky notes to be exact!)  and I purposely did them fast and didn’t fix any mistakes.

day in the life

8am – I am awoken by the World’s Most Annoying Pigeon, who recently decided to start hanging out on my fire escape to make really loud gurbling noises and drive me mental. I have mostly trained it to fly off when I approach the window but that sucks when I have to get out bed to do so.

day in the life

11am – Sadly I totally fell asleep again for way way longer than I expected. (I feel like I really captured the greatness of my plush carrot here)

day in the life

1pm – Having finished some freelance work, I wrote a blog post for Super Cute Kawaii about a Domokun plush toy that interacts with your iPhone. WANT.

day in the life

2pm – Off to get a haircut. It was pouring with rain all day. Bah.

day in the life

3pm – Getting an awesome haircut. It’s actually a fair bit shorter than this drawing suggests. I’d have taken a photo but rain + hat kind of messed it all up.

I bought these little courgettes pretty much because they'd make great kawaii characters.

4pm My second visit to the West End this year involved chatting to Sarah in La La Land for about an hour and then going to Waitrose where I bought some Limited Edition (seriously) Baby Round Courgettes because they were cute. Also curry. And cupcakes from Cup.

day in the life

7pm – I eat my cupcake  – Lemon Meringue with meringue instead of frosting and lemon curd inside. Nom nom.

day in the life

8pm – Playing some Picross e2. It’s no Picross but it’s alright, and the music is middle of the night Animal Crossing music, which makes me happy. That’s supposed to be an elephant.

day in the life

9pm – Catching up on Mad Men. Not really feeling it this season but it has its moments.

After that I went to bed and read my Kindle but I’m not drawing a third electronic device.


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