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Let’s Make a Zine!


Okay, Zine Challengers – if you’re wishing you’d never signed up and now you have no time and aaargh… well, here’s how to make a quick zine to get you started, technically complete the challenge and hopefully get you going on a bigger and better zine project.

I was going to write a guide but of course loads of people have already posted great guides on the internet. Whenever I do a zine workshop, I get everyone to make one of these simple zines. You can make it from any size of paper, though A4 and A3 are best.


If that animated gif (found here) isn’t explanation enough, there’s a great step by step photo tutorial at Rookie.

Once you’ve done your folding, you’ll have an 8 page zine to fill. If you discount the front and back covers, you only really need to come up with 6 bits of content – easy! Need some ideas? Here’s some tips on comics from Neil Slorance.

If in doubt, just get going and see what happens. You can always cut out the best bits for your finished zine.

Both my Angel Bunny Gets Lost comic and Pumpkin on your Head zine use this 8 page format. You can download them both for free! One of the main reasons I published them is to show people that a zine really can be about anything, including writing about things you have worn on your head.

angel bunny zine oddments 2 zine

Finished your zine? Yay! If you want to share it, you could photocopy it for print versions or scan it for a PDF. Or just keep it as inspiration for your next zine.

Want more zine tips on content, printing and layouts? My Let’s Make Zines! zine is just £1.50. Got any questions? Ask them in the comments!

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