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I haven’t done one of my shopping posts for a while so here’s a few things that now live in my house, starting with a tiny Pusheen plush, a gift from Hey Chickadee (whose ace new website I had a hand in). It arrived just in time to cheer me up when I got out of hospital.

fabric remnants

The fabric I already showed you, but check out my cute new cake forks! They were a gift from my mum – aren’t they adorable? I’ve long been meaning to get some cake forks as they’re so fancy and also much nicer than a spoon. There were four in the set, so my sister has the other two (a little Dutch house and a boat). I don’t know if you can believe it, but I had zero appetite for cake in the weeks after I was in hospital so I only used them for the first time yesterday! I made banana cake with lime and coconut.

Little umbrella dish I bought in Edinburgh. I love it.

Whenever I make it over to Edinburgh I always find time to have a look around Anthropologie, even though I rarely buy anything. I kicked myself for not buying this tiny ceramic umbrella but luckily it was still there the next time, yay. I think it’s meant to be a ring holder but it’s just adorable and I’m using it for my collection of kawaii necklaces. All three of them.

Yay, M&S finally put these tins on sale - 50p each!

I’ve been waiting all summer for M&S to put these seaside tins on sale and the finally did so I snapped them up (and accidentally got them for 50p each, oops). I put all my sewing pins in one and my bobbins and sewing machine attachments in the other.

cat dress

I picked up a few things for my wardrobe too, including this amazing cat dress from H&M! I got a new coat and boots in the sales too, but it’s still been pretty warm here so I haven’t been able to wear them out yet.

I added some new things to my type drawer of tiny things too – I’ll need to take some new photos.

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