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Summer Holiday (part 2)

My first panorama, Cullen

Another thing I learned on holiday – how to take panoramas on my iPhone. I did know you could do this but I just never tried. It works much better when you have nice scenery all around too. This is Cullen, which is always pretty. I never knew you could walk the old railway line across the bridge so we did that on my last day.

Walking the old railway bridge at Cullen. Last chance for a paddle. It was pretty cold.

It’s a really nice walk and lots to see. We even saw a deer! It leads on to the golf course at the other side of the bridge so you can cut across to the beach. We had a paddle there too but it was really cold.

Tea & Cake Ladder

Stealing a couple of photos from my sister (she has lots of good ones, and stayed an extra week after me) of our visit to Deskford Garden Galleries. It is quite hard to find but worth looking for as it serves lovely food and cakes on mismatched vintage crockery and also has some overgrown gardens and rooms full of random art, plants and things to look at. Plus there are grapes growing in the roof!

Nic on the catwalk

This is Whitehills, which has a pretty cool catwalk right out into the sea. We spent quite a while here looking for the tiniest shells we could find. We got some great ones that are now part of my tiny things collection in my type drawer.

Small Angel Bunny went on a boat.

And finally, some more Angel Bunny fun, at the Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay. We tried to have a paddle here to but it’s so pebbly it was hurting our feet. Lovely views though, with or without dolphins. The centre is pretty good too considering everything is free and they’ll even lend you some binoculars.

And that’s pretty much everywhere I went. We also got up to lots of fun stuff over at Quincy & Usagi.

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