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Every week, I think I’ll get back to doing Friday catch-ups and then every week I don’t quite manage it. So here’s a few photos of what I’ve been up to. Above is Helensburgh, where I went for a short jaunt with Claire last weekend. It was a bit quiet as a Sunday in Autumn but still really pretty. We also had pie on the way home, and then stopped at Delizique for cake, where I brought home one of the nicest brownies I have ever had. Must go back.

Scotland's leading linoleum house! We followed a 1950s bus back to Bridgeton. It must be the GVVT open day.

Bridgeton has been surprisingly exciting lately too. That shop above has been a discount laminate flooring type store since I’ve lived here, but the signage came down recently to reveal Scotland’s leading linoleum house! I wonder what’s going to happen to it now. We also spotted one of the GVVT buses out and about on their open day, and now there’s a gigantic circus tent up for Oktoberfest.

Got some of this too. I'll be making ornaments for renegade. Parcel of awesome from @dethpsun!

All my pre-Renegade supplies have been arriving in the post – these cookies are one of the last things I need to make. I also treated myself to a pile of new stuff from Deth P Sun – his new red and black zine is awesome.

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