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Cute Collaborations: Coin Purses

Considering me and my mum have been working on these Look Around coin purses for at least a year, it’s ridiculous how long it’s taken me to get them online! In my defence, I picked up a nasty cold in London so I’ve been a bit fuzzy in the head.

Happy Planet Coin Purse Happy Pancake Coin Purse

Anyway, you probably spotted these in my Renegade photos, where they got a great reception – pretty much everyone had to pick one up and have a look. I designed custom fabric for these and each purse features a Look Around character on the back, with a character pattern and logo on the front. I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve turned out totally adorable!

I had the designs printed on a lovely soft linen/cotton fabric and my mum has stitched them all together with a sturdy zip. I’ve been using the prototypes for months and they’re really useful for lots of things- I have a little first aid kit in one.

Look Around Coin Purses Look Around Coin Purses

There are five designs available at the moment, in very limited quantities. Which one is your favourite?

I’ll also be putting the patterns up for sale in my Spoonflower shop soon too so you can make your own. One purse fits perfectly on a swatch so it’s quite a bargain.

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