Renegade Recap

Renegade panorama of my space with The Bellwether

WELL, that was some weekend. Big thanks to everyone who came by my stall and said hello and bought things or just made happy faces. I feel like I did nothing but prepare for Renegade for weeks, but I was really happy with my stall. I shared with The Bellwether and here’s an amazing panorama so you can pretend you were there. Perhaps you can spot some cute new things? I will tell you about them very soon once I get them up for sale.

Here at @renegadecraft again today 'til 6pm! Come on down, Londoners.

House of Brooches was my favourite bit of the stall, especially the zombie army of sad cookies.

I have almost recovered – we hopped straight on a train on Sunday evening and I’m still sleep-deprived, plus I don’t think my shoulder is ever going to forgive me for dragging such a heavy suitcase around. I had a great time though, and got to meet some of the awesome people I’ve been chatting to online for years, and meet some new awesome folks. I didn’t do as much shopping as I would have liked, but I brought home a fistful of business cards so I can add to my Christmas wish list.

Wish I'd had more time to shop at Renegade but I got these awesome things by @telegramme @tobyilikecats and @debtheladysnail

Here’s what I did buy:
Bird card by Telegramme (so nice to finally see their work in person!)
Hilarious Christmas cats card by I Like Cats whose stall was opposite mine.
Ghosts card and ice cream brooch from the lovely Debbie of From the Imagination of Ladysnail, who turned out to love cute ghosts just as much as I do.

Roll on next year!

PS. I sold out of Meal Planners (more available at the end of this week) and Ghost and Cookie polymer stamps (more next week) and there’s only one Little Ghost brooch left (more in a couple of weeks). Blimey. I still have some lucky bags left though, so I’ll be popping them in random orders.

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