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snowman solitaire

I try not to buy anything for myself during December, adding it to my wish list instead. But some things can’t be put off so here’s a few things I picked up recently, starting with something I have wanted for a long time. This is Snowman Solitaire, made by Paperchase back in 2010. I posted about it on Super Cute Kawaii and then totally regretted not buying one. I’ve been waiting patiently for one to turn up on eBay and it’s taken a long time, but now it’s mine, yay! Kawaii snowmen are possibly my favourite thing ever.


I’ve never been a jewellery person, since I am/was allergic to some metals. It doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue these days but most of my necklaces are on the kawaii statement side, which is not always ideal. I have been looking for something a bit more understated and neutral for everyday and special occasions and of course found it at Hannah Zakari. Made by Rachael herself as dotpop, it matched my Christmas work dinner outfit perfectly, and most of my normal wardrobe too. Sorry for the not so awesome photo – it’s hard to photograph tiny things. Check the link to see some nice photos of similar necklaces.

Behold my new enamel saucepan! Bit too excited about this.

I clicked a gift guide link to Labour and Wait last week and discovered they sell my beloved Japanese Pottles! I have wanted one for years but there were no UK stockists. But now there is! £55 is a lot for a teapot, but I am definitely saving up for one. In the meantime, I purchased a small enamel saucepan, which is the exact thing I’ve been looking for. My only small saucepan is so scratched up and yet gets used constantly. This new one is beautiful and perfect for my morning porridge. I’ve been working on downsizing my kitchenware to just the perfect pretty and hardwearing essentials and it makes cooking and eating so much nicer, even if you do have to do the washing up more frequently.


And a little fabric treat. I love the whole Fort Firefly collection by Teagan White, but especially this girl and her bunnies! I found some on sale at  on Etsy so I snatched it up. I might frame it or I might make a pillow.

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