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Favourites of 2013: Books


According to Goodreads, which I update fairly consistently, I read 31 books this year (not including re-reading or the half-finished pile by my bed). Apparently, that was 14,000 pages! If you want to see my favourites, check that link above as they all have ratings and some have reviews too.

I noticed Laura and others have been talking about reading more books this year. I really recommend Goodreads if you are. I like being able to mark things as read and keep track of things I want to read or that are gathering dust on my bookshelf. It’s also cool to see what my friends (real life and online) are reading and to check reviews of things I’m considering buying. Plus all the fun stats! You can add me here if you like.

This weekend I had another trawl of my bookshelves and pulled out a few heavy books that are in the public domain or cheap to rebuy as ebooks. I now only have about ten actual paper books left unread, so I’m going to make those a priority. My Kindle is so convenient that I always grab that first but there’s some awesome stuff in my real life pile too.

I owe you some book reviews, as well as zines and magazines, so hopefully I will get to that soon.

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