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My Zazzle Wallet

zazzle wallet

I usually buy something from my Zazzle store every year. It’s supposedly so I can check the quality, but really it’s because I want everything! This year I decided to get a wallet. I keep my cards, cash and coins all in separate purses/cases and it was getting a bit tedious, plus lots of opportunities to advertise my designs to complete strangers!

I decided on the cheapest option – a tri-fold nylon wallet for $13.95 and got my happy planet design in grey. I ordered it on the 9th and it arrived on the 19th, which was pretty fast. Unfortunately, the UPS never updated the tracking to say it was out for delivery so I was out and they gave it to a random neighbour 2 floors down and didn’t leave a card. Cue FOUR DAYS of detective work trying to find out which of my neighbours had it. In the end I didn’t get it until I got home from my Christmas holiday, boooo.

zazzle wallet

Now that I do have it, I love it! The design is printed well and the colours look good, and the wallet itself is good quality with lots of room for cards and ID and cash (and yes, I do still use my Glasgow Uni staff card from like 2001 – I don’t have any other photo ID!). I did have to leave out a lot of my cards (like my Tamagotchi Shop Tokyo Reward Card, oh no!) as it gets far too bulky if you fill every space. I still keep my coins in my takoyaki purse, but it’s a lot easier to decide on a payment method now without holding up a queue.

zazzle wallet

If you fancy a wallet yourself, I have lots of cute designs and there are all different sizes and materials. You can find more info in my wallets post.

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