Nice Things To Wear


I love scarves and have quite a few of them, despite the fact that I hardly ever wear them since I’m usually too warm. So of course I forgot to bring one Up North at Christmas for when it is actually pretty cold and windy at the coast. Luckily I picked up this cute owl circle scarf (at Tesco of all places for £5) and I’ve been wearing it all the time. It really warms me up when the house is cold, plus it can be worn in lots of different ways. Maybe I will start wearing my other scarves now too.


Also new to my wardrobe, this lovely top from Boden. I’d always thought of Boden as a a place for spendy fancy dresses and cardigans, which is basically true, but they do have some more affordable stuff, especially the basics. This is on the pricier end for a top but I had a discount code, plus they also sent me a free scarf (it’s a conspiracy!) and a notebook. It fits really nicely so I will be looking out for sales in future ‘cos I want the other two colours too.

Glad no one bought me this Tado bag for Christmas as I just got it for half price!

And a bag! You may recognise this from my Wish List post. No-one bought it for me, but that turned out for the best as it’s now half price! I still love my Kanken backpack best but it’s nice to swap between the two. It’s so cute and colourful in real life too. Yay!


Also socks with kawaii fruit on them from Accessorize, because KAWAII FRUIT SOCKS. They’re half price now too!

If you’re wondering why I still haven’t posted about my Christmas presents, it’s because I haven’t received them all yet! Me and Claire seem to enjoy holding back each others’ Christmas gifts until it’s practically our birthdays, plus I also have a secret santa and other things waiting for me to pick up this week. Extended Christmas!

*In truth I own rather a lot of amazing things from Tesco. It’s my actual guilty pleasure.

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