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Weekend Catch Up

Peeling acrylic bananas. It's all a bit meta.

It’s been a pretty fun week – my sister was here so we’ve been shopping the sales, going to the cinema and having a day out in Edinburgh. I tired myself out so much I didn’t manage to finish this post for Friday but better late than never! I also got a big box of laser cut pieces so I’ve been busy making brooches – there’s something very meta about peeling the protective paper off a bag of bananas.

Exciting Thing of the Week

I'm a Featured Designer on Zazzle!

I am Zazzle’s Featured Designer and you can read an interview with me, about my designs, how I work and some tips for doing well on Zazzle. Go have a read! This was actually one of my business goals so I’m happy to have fulfilled it!

Things I’ve enjoyed this week

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Bit late on this one, but I had to wait for my sister to get here. I liked it a lot better than the first one, since all the good stuff is in this part of the book, and also DRAGON, but it still dragged a bit. The stuff with the elves was a total snore and I would happily never see Legolas ever again, since he was already the worst thing about LOTR. Ugh. Still, at least I’m kind of excited to see the third film, which was totally not the case last week. (Also, this review on Freaky Trigger made me laugh far too much. May resort to calling him Legoland too, so I am instead amused by a character I hate).

Kind of embarrassed by how much I love Sherlock and this series in particular. I basically chortled through the whole thing like a complete idiot. Yes, it’s kind of replaced clever plotting with just cleverness, silliness and fan service in-jokes but I enjoy it more than anything else on TV these days so I don’t care. Carry on.

The Powerpuff Girls
Netflix added the first three seasons recently and I am very happily working through them! PPG has never been released on DVD in the UK, a total crime in my opinion. It’s just as great as I remember, and the episodes are so short I can fit one in any time. Buttercup is my favourite.

Sale purchases for my kawaii kitchen

Turtle measuring cups ice cream cone timer

Turtle measuring cups | ice cream cone timer (I got mine in Paperchase)

News and Reminders

Banana brooches are back and ready to ship.
– My sale at Not on the High Street ends next week – there’s still up to 40% off.
– I’m on Pinterest now – come follow me!
– Are you fan of Angel Bunny? He’s got his own Facebook page now, sharing photos right from the beginning!

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