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Zoku Ice Pops


I haven’t really posted about Christmas yet but I’m working up to it. One of my most exciting gifts was a Zoku Ice Pop Maker! I’ve been going on about this for ages so I was pretty excited. Basically, you store it in the freezer and then whenever you fancy an ice lolly, you pull it out, pour in some juice and it freezes in front of your eyes in around 10 minutes. It’s pretty much ideal for Scotland’s wildly unpredictable weather. We tried it out with some fancy glitter juice from M&S, but you can’t really see the glitter.


Since you can just make one ice pop at a time (and 3 altogether before it needs to go back in the freezer), it’s great for experimenting – you can do different layers, add fruit slices and other fun stuff – there are all kinds of tools and extras for chocolate dipping and cutting shapes. The Zoku blog has some great recipes and ideas that I will be collating for Summer. Kawaii ice pops with faces will certainly be happening.

zoku zoku

I also just discovered Zoku also make a mini pop version and a slush maker! I just saw the slush maker on sale the other day and I’m thinking it might make those amazing slush drinks we had in Thailand. I’m looking at Claire here.

Zoku are not paying me for this post by the way – I am just that excited about ice lollies, in January. Hurray!

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