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2014 Tea Towel Calendars

2014 Tea Towel Calendar

So, ages ago I ordered some of my 2014 calendar fabric from Spoonflower to make a few tea towel calendars for gifts and for the shop, but due to a reprint because of printer error and the whole crazy Christmas orders stuff, I ran out of time. I managed to sew up two the evening before I got my train Up North so I wasn’t even able to photograph them!

2014 Tea Towel Calendar

I took these pics after gifting – they seemed to be well received, except that no-one is willing to use them as tea towels! I am going to make one more for myself very soon, so would anyone else be interested in one? I’d rather cut up the fabric for my quilt than sew them up if no-one wants them. They are printed on the lovely cotton/linen blend fabric and have a loop for hanging too. They’d cost around £7. Let me know!

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