More Adventures in Stitching

Doing a bit of tapestry practice before I get into some big projects. Zelda ghost!

I’ve been planning on doing some more tapestry for a while and I finally got started last week. First I made this little ghost for practice as its been a while since I did any tapestry. You may recognise him from my ghoasters!

long stitch bargello pattern

I ended up ordering the long stitch cushion cover kit I blogged about on Friday and it arrived the next morning so I am already making good progress. I really love how this pattern looks, and the colours are pretty great too. Long stitch is similar to tapestry except that you don’t do one square at a time but make long stitches covering a few squares at once. It makes the finished top really smooth and silky. The repetition is really quite relaxing too.


As you can see, I still have a way to go! I bought a new tapestry frame at the same time, as my other one was way too small, and I have plans for another big piece of my own design later. This frame has clips for attaching the fabric and it’s so much better than the sew-on frame. Hopefully it will put an end to skewed finished pieces.

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