Home Sweet Home

A few corners of my home

Love my mantelpiece in the evening!

I’ve been having a lot of fun deciding where to put all my possessions in my new home. I’ve never had so many rooms before! I’m still moving things around to find the best solutions but here are some little corners that are making me happy at the moment, starting with my mantelpiece! It’s so nice to have a mantelpiece and a (gas) fire as the focal point of the room, and somewhere to display some of my favourite things.

My bunny nightlight is keeping the hallway super cute all night :)

My bunny lamp is in the hallway keeping things cute at night.


Daffodil painting by my Opa, plus some actually bathroom-related bunnies – a cotton wool holder and a hairslide holder (actually for toothpicks).


Yet another bunny corner, in my studio/spare room. This one wasn’t even intentional – I just have a lot of bunny things!


 The kitchen is almost a bunny-free zone. This corner has my colourful coffee cups and my super cute ice cream timer that doesn’t even work.


My bedroom is the least exciting room so far for some reason. I do love my wardrobe rail though. And yes, I did go back for another Boden top – they sent me a £10 gift voucher so how could I not?


And in case your eyes are rolling at my apparently blogger perfect home, here’s my least favourite corner at the moment – cardboard mountain! We only get rubbish/recycling collections every fortnight so it’s all piling up until the next one.

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