Home Sweet Home, Me Me Me

I’m Back!


I’m all moved in, the internet has been switched on and the unpacking is going well. The flat is even nicer than I remembered and I love it here! Above is the design I made for my new address cards – yes, that is me as a Lego astronaut.

I’ll be sharing lots of photos soon, but here’s my little dining table by the window. I have been posting stuff on Instagram too so do have a look if you’re interested. It’s so nice having all my cute things out on display and in use.

Got my dining table set up, Angel Bunny is hanging out with the cacti and we might have invented lasagne toasties...

I haven’t unpacked any business stuff yet, but I’m still on track to start shipping again on the 31st. Don’t forget the Moving Sale and Giveaway too!

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