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Where I’m Moving: Helensburgh


Well, everything is now settled for my move so I can tell you a bit more about it. I’m moving to Helensburgh, a seaside town up the West Coast a bit. It’s only 40 minutes on the train from Glasgow so I’m hardly isolated, and it’s a proper little town with pretty much everything I need. My new home is right in town and close to the sea front and I’ll finally have a separate studio room for the first time!


Why Helensburgh? Well, it ticked all my boxes. It was actually Claire’s idea once I laid out all my requirements. As well as everything I needed, it also has a massive Waitrose, an abundance of ice cream parlours, a tapestry shop and a swimming pool! I hadn’t even visited until last October, but I instantly liked it.

My new front door! 2 weeks until I move in.

No peeks at my new house yet, but here’s the front door! I can’t wait to give you a tour once I get unpacked.  I’ll be moving in a couple of weeks so expect things to be quiet over here and there will be a break in shipping (more on that later). Depending on how long it takes to get unpacked and the broadband set up, I expect my Moving Sale to last another 3 or 4 weeks, but things are starting to sell out already so make sure to grab some bargains. Look out for a giveaway soon too!

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